Emergency Evacuation

Planning Ahead So You Have the Right Stuff

Scenario:  At 2:00 a.m., you receive phone notification that you need to evacuate because wildfire fighters can’t stop the fire that will race through Patagonia in 30 minutes.   Officials are asking everyone to pack their cars and leave town within the next 20 minutes.   What can you pack in 15 minutes?  In 15 minutes, will you be able to find containers and fill them with enough water to last for 3 days for you, your family, pets, and livestock?  Will you be able to assemble all the home, insurance and medical documents if you have only a concrete pad when you return?

Goal of Planning Ahead for an Evacuation:  You are more likely to have the essentials you need if you plan ahead.  If you don’t plan ahead, you may only have time to get your people, pets and livestock out. 


  1. Download 2 documents: “The Five P’s of Evacuation” and “My Evacuation List.”
  2. Look at the items listed on the “Five P’s” list and use those guidelines to plan what YOU specifically need in an evacuation.
  3. List all the items you will need and determine if those items are things to pack ahead in your “Go Bag” or grab when you receive the order to evacuate.
  4. Pack your “Go Bag.”